Thursday, September 29, 2011

10th August 2011

10 Aug - It's time to say goodbye to Penang. I was already missing Penang when I woke up in the morning. Actually I was missing the hotel. I enjoyed my stay at this hotel so much besides the fact that the staff was kinda annoying.

We had breakfast at the hotel. It's part of the package to have breakfast on the last day of our stay. The best part for me of staying in a hotel is to have a wide spread of selection of breakfast mainly because they have my favourite cereals, toast, eggs, waffles, muffins, cheeses, hams... But I noticed nowadays I do get disappointed a lot with the breakfast served in the hotel. The Hard Rock hotel breakfast were kinda ordinary and I was kinda ok with it.

After that, we packed our stuff and left. Just before we left, we took a few more pictures.

I notice it's hard to convince him to take pictures with me. He somehow doesn't like to camwhore with me. That do make me wonder whether he doesn't enjoy camwhore generally or just with me. ;p

We then left the hotel at about 10.30am and started our road trip down south from Penang to Melaka. The first half of the trip was fine. I think I only started feeling sleepy after driving for about an hour or 2. It must be the heavy breakfast I had whereby all the blood had gone to my tummy and therefore my brain is shutting down. lol... When we were reaching KL, it rained heavily. it was so heavy that it became so difficult to drive. I had to drive at 60km/h and I dare not follow to closely to the car in front. That long stretch of journey from KL-Melaka was tiring. It took me about 4 hours to reach Melaka when usually it only takes about 2-3 hours to arrive there.

Anyway, we got to Melaka at about 5pm. And we managed to find our hotel easily though we did had a little problem initially. It was a pretty decent hotel and we kinda like it. The staff were really helpful and friendly. We checked in, rest a little while before we headed out to have dinner. We went to this famous place which serves the Best Tandoori and Naan probably in Malaysia. Yeap, the best in Malaysia. I remembered having this last time about few years ago and fell in love with it. I never got the chance to be back here again.

We walked to that place which probably took us about 20 mins. I was getting hungry and grumpy and wanted to eat. Finally we reached there and we ordered a tandoori and Garlic Double Cheese Naan. Yummy... He definitely enjoyed it so much. And this Tandoor and Naan is way much better than the one we had at Kayu.

We also ordered Roti Canai. Their Roti ain't that great. They also have really nice curry dishes but we didn't try it. They serve really good Northern Indian type of dishes.

After a heavy meal, we walked around Jonker Street for a while to digest our heavy meal. I was no longer grumpy then. lol... Not many shops were opened though. Jonker Street is a happening place only on weekends and they have loads of shops selling all kinds of things. And after that, it's time to get back to rest.

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