Thursday, August 25, 2011

5th August 2011

5th August - It's been nearly a week since he came. Time just flew by really quickly. Before I knew it, it's already Friday. I had a meeting in the office so I left him at 1 Utama in the morning and went to office. Later about 12.30pm, I went to pick him up to have lunch. He was so looking forward to this lunch as I had been talking about how great the Ribs were in Tony Romas though the ribs in Singapore are way much better as pork ribs are served there. We only have beef ribs over here due to the Muslims. Next time I'm going to try and make my own ribs. I have always been tempted to try it out but I didn't have the chance yet.

We ordered the Roma Ribs which is a plateful of big, meaty beef ribs basted with their own sauce. Since we were dining on a weekday lunch, it comes with a cup of soup and a bottomless drink.

One of the best thing about Romas is that they serve you freshly baked bread that comes together with their garlic herb butter spread which taste really good.

I can't really recall what the soup was. I think it was Minestrone soup. Anyway, he barely touched it while I had most of it. Guess he didn't fancy the soup.

Here comes the best part of the meal. The ribs!!! I remembered I was on the phone when the dish came, and by the time I put down the phone he had nearly finished 2 out of 3 racks of the ribs. 'lol' But I didn't eat much as I was drinking a lot. So I was quite full before my main course was served. The ribs were really good as it was so tender that the meat kinda fall off from the bone. But I think I had better whereby the meat is even more tender and pork ribs are still the better ribs.

We were stuffed at the end of the meal. It's always nice to be able to share and not feel overly stuffed after a meal.

After that, we did a little shopping at Tesco to buy the things that he needed to bring home and also some snacks for our road trip. After that, we went back to rest and guess what we had for dinner. It's tandoori chicken with garlic naan again. He just love it so much. He had this dish for 3 times in just 5 days. :) Oh, not forgetting that we had thosai as well. How can I ever say no to thosai. And I just had one this afternoon as well. Yummy... 'smile cheekily'

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

4th August 2011

4th August - It's been a week since he left me and I felt like it was ages. I just miss him so much. Anyway, on that day, we didn't do very much. Another day past by in a blink of an eye as we had so much fun being together. He had his hard boiled egg with toast and coffee for breakfast. I finally got a chance to use my egg holder which I had kept for ages. 'lol'

We just stayed at home in the morning and spent time together. After that we went for lunch with my family at Champs Restaurant which is famous for their big bowl Prawn Noodle Soup. However, nowadays the portion has reduced tremendously and it's pretty expensive as well.

Chicken Rice

Pork Ball Noodle Soup - The taste is not as great as it should be. Usually the soup is very flavourful but it kinda lack of flavour.

Prawn Noodle Soup - Smaller portion and it costly as well. I guess what's special about this is that there were pork ribs.

After a full lunch, we went to 1 Utama. We watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The movie was really good. I guess we made the right choice to watch that as both of us absolutely enjoyed it. After movie, we went shopping a little while before heading off to the gym.

Then we went to the night market but it was raining heavily. I was stucked in the jam and by the time we go there, the rain has got very much lighter. We had tandoori and garlic naan again at the mamak store. After that only we went to the night market. I did complain to him that he doesn't seem to be interested in trying local food as he was saying he was full after sharing a naan and tandoor with me. It's strange as he would usually eat a lot more when he is back home. He told me he had 2 burgers and a hot dog and had some dessert as well at his brother's party. Now I do wonder...

Some of the shops were closed because of the rain so it was kinda disappointing. We bought some snacks and I also bought durian for him to try as well. He doesn't like the after taste of the durian which I kinda expected it. ;p And we headed home and arrived back around 10ish. It was just another great day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

3rd August 2011

3rd August - I brought him to have DimSum for breakfast. Dim Sum is actually Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food, usually served in small steamer baskets or on small plate. It's my favourite and usually one can easily overeat.

Had siew mai which is minced meat wrapped with dumpling skin, and fried and steamed fish ball. You can dip these in chili sauce or sweet sauce.

We also had the char siew pau which is actually BBQ Pork Bun. He loves this very much.

Looks like someone really enjoys using chopsticks.

And this was me looking happy coz he was around.

Then I bought him a packet of freshly made soya bean drink from the morning market to try. Unfortunately the stall that I wanted to buy from had none left but I managed to get it from another stall. This is a drink which is usually great to have after sports as it's high in protein and it quenches your thirst as well and fills your tummy as well.

We then went to 1 Utama and watched Harry Potter. I quite like it and I'm so glad that the story finally ended. It's so much fun to be watching movie with him. Since we have been together we had never watch any movie in the cinema till he came to Malaysia. And within 3 days we watched movie together twice already. I'm loving it. :) After that it was time to feed our hungry tummies. I bought 2 Thai buffet vouchers earlier before he came since I knew he like it a lot. But so far I only knew that he really fancy green curry and nothing else. 'lol' I had never try this place but I read some pretty good reviews about it.

The place is quite cosy and nice with lots of pretty decorative. All you have to do is order what you want from the menu and they will serve them to your table. This type of buffet is suitable for the lazy ones as you are being served. And we had loads of good food for the night. It seems a lot but we weren't overly stuffed.

Green curry chicken - His favourite curry dish. Tasty and goes so well with the fried rice.

Beef stir fried Thai Basil - I felt the beef was a bit tough but after a few more bites I felt it was ok. He loves it and he finished nearly the whole plate to himself.

Deep Fried Chicken Wrapped With Pandan Leaves - Tasty dish but I had better ones before.

Green Mango and Prawn Salad with Spicy Lime Dressing- My favourite salad. Light and refreshing and the prawns were really fresh as well.

Crispy Crabmeat Spring Roll- We only ordered one of these and it's the last dish we ordered as we saw the table next to us were ordering this dish continuously and I thought of trying it. It's very light and tasty unlike the usual thick spring roll we usually have. It's the first time I have it with the apricot dip and it goes so well with it.

Tom Yum Soup- A clear spicy soup.

Thai Omelette with Crabmeat and Herbs - Eggs just taste so good no matter how you cook it. It's just how to make a better egg dish and all I can say is that this dish is absolutely delicious.

Fresh Waterchestnut, Coconut and Jackfruit Slices in Coconut Milk. An absolutely refreshing dessert. Yummy...

Thai Mango Sticky Rice - my absolutely favourite.. I love how refreshing and sweet the mango is and the sweetness in glutinous rice goes really well. But not something I can have too much. It's too filling. And he loves mangoes and it's a great dessert for him.

Doesn't he look like he was enjoying his food? :)

I love my life. I love it not because I had great food. But because I have him and I have him to enjoy these great food with. I never knew these food taste so good. It probably is because I enjoy my meals more when I have it with him.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2nd August 2011

2nd August - Another beautiful day as I wake up next to the person I love most. What a great way of waking up when you get to see someone you love and he will give you a broad wide smile and says "I Love You". Absolutely Perfect!

We had a simple breakfast, coffee with soft boiled eggs on toast. After that, I went to office to get some work done. I had to leave him at home while I'm away. :( I quickly got my work done and came home to pick him up to go to 1 Utama. We had Japanese food for lunch at my favourite place, Sushi Zanmai. Yummy!!! I introduced the food that I usually will order whenever I dine there. He as usual had so much fun using his chopsticks. I find him so cute whenever he uses them.

Here are the food we had there.

Cranky Salmon Roll

Spider Maki Roll

Tamago Sushi

Assorted Tempura

Unagi Pancake

We walked a bit and we went to MAC shop. We were playing with Ipad 2 and he finally get to play Angry Birds for the first time. 'lol' And now he intends to download the app to play. Oh dear, that is not good. I guess he will be addicted to it real soon. :)

Then it's tea time. Coffee with cinnamon roll. Yummy... After that we head off to the gym and did a little workout to burn off all those delicious meal we have been having.

Now, after a good workout, it's time to feed our hungry tummies again. I brought him to mamak store. Mamak is actually Indian-Malay restaurant that usually opens 24 hours. You can sit indoor or by the road side and most Malaysians love to hang out there to have their meals or just to go for a drink to catch up with their friends or to watch any live football matches or any other great sport matches.

We had garlic naan and tandoori chicken. He loves it very much.

And we had my favourite thosai. It's a thin lacey pancake made of lightly-fermented rice flour. Used to be really cheap and few years ago it cost only RM1 but today it cost RM2.

Our tummy were happily satisfied and what more could you ask for. Life is just so great. :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st August 2011

1st August - I went to bed last night feeling happy as he was beside me and he was the last person I saw before I go to bed. And when I woke up in the morning, he was the first person I see and I love the morning kisses that I get from him.

We woke up pretty early and lay on bed looking at each other's eyes, spending quality time together, talking about anything under the sky. It was indeed amazing and I just wish that I could be doing that with him every single morning.

Then I went to the kitchen and made him breakfast which is something I enjoyed doing most for him. I prepared coffee and half boiled eggs. It's supposedly soft boiled eggs but I don't know why Malaysians were brought up to call it half boiled eggs. :) He actually kinda like the taste though he is not sure about the texture. I remembered the first time I made that for myself and asked him to try, he didn't want to as he felt it was too raw. This time round he didn't reject it. Looks like he is more adventurous about food.

After that, we went to Batu Caves which is a limestone hill which has a series of caves about 30 minutes drive from my place. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India and is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam.

There are 272 step stairway leading up the Temple Cave and it was my first visit to this Cave.

After that we went to have lunch at MCD. We ordered just a quarter pounder set and shared between both of us. I told him that the MCD in Malaysia taste much better than the UK. He was convinced mainly because he believes that it is prepared fresher in Malaysia as it's made to order. Later we were wondering what to do before deciding to go for a movie to watch Transformers 3. It was my third time watching it and I still love it. This time is even better because it's the first movie we ever watched together. :) By the time we finished the movie it was nearly 5pm. We then went to mamak and had teh halia. He had a mixed opinion on the drink as he doesn't like his tea with milk and sugar but he likes the ginger taste. Hehe... My boyfriend is unique in his taste. 'lol' We then still had some time to kill and walked in the night market at SS2 before heading off for dinner at Restaurant Green View together with my family. I wanted to buy so much food at the night market but then we were going for dinner so I had to behave myself.

And here are the food we had for the night. I was totally stuffed by the end of the meal. Well, I guess he did enjoy his meal too. And I love it when we got home coz I know I will be going to bed with him next to me and us saying "goodnight" to each other before we sleep. This is life to me.

Fried beancurd and Century Egg

Sang Har Mee - Big Prawn Noodle with Yee Mee

Stir fried long beans

Steamed Salted Chicken

Butter Crab

Sweet and Sour crab

Fried Bun

Alan using the hammer to break the crab shell

Wat Tan Hor - Kuey Teow Noodle cooked with egg gravy

Mixed Fruits

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Day Finally Arrived

31st July 2011- I woke up early in the morning as I couldn't sleep. I only slept for about 4 hours. I guess I was just excited about his arrival. When the evening came, I just couldn't wait to go and pick him up. I left my house at 5.20pm and start my journey to the airport. I reached the airport around 6.00pm. I waited excitedly and was staring at the arrival screen. The flight from Brunei has not arrived yet. I was walking around the airport and wishing that the clock ticks faster so that I could see him soon. I was getting more nervous and I have butterfly on my stomach as well. I was wondering how he looks like, whether he still loves me as much, whether he still want me as much etc. All the questions keep repeating in my head. Then at 6.20pm the screen showed that his flight has arrived. I was excited and stood in front of the arrival Hall waiting for him to come out. I know it's silly of me to get in front of the arrival hall as it might take him probably another 30 minutes to exit. I was just waiting impatiently. I saw so many people were coming out from the arrival hall but he is nowhere to be seen. Then at 6.50pm I was just wondering where he was. In the end I walked up the officer and asked and he told me that it will take about 1 hour for them to exit. Oh well, I guess I was just a little impatient. 'lol'. At about 7.00pm, I finally see him for the first time in 3 weeks and I finally get to hug him. I was just so happy to finally see him and it confirmed what I knew then that I'm truly in love with this man and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

We left the airport and went home. I cooked some noodles for him and gave him a little surprise by baking him a carrot cake for his belated birthday. We were exchanging presents that we have been getting for each other and he was telling me all about his Borneo trip during the night. It was an excellent night and we got to say goodnight to each other finally. And I knew that the next 2 weeks that I would be spending with him would be an excellent one.