Wednesday, August 17, 2011

2nd August 2011

2nd August - Another beautiful day as I wake up next to the person I love most. What a great way of waking up when you get to see someone you love and he will give you a broad wide smile and says "I Love You". Absolutely Perfect!

We had a simple breakfast, coffee with soft boiled eggs on toast. After that, I went to office to get some work done. I had to leave him at home while I'm away. :( I quickly got my work done and came home to pick him up to go to 1 Utama. We had Japanese food for lunch at my favourite place, Sushi Zanmai. Yummy!!! I introduced the food that I usually will order whenever I dine there. He as usual had so much fun using his chopsticks. I find him so cute whenever he uses them.

Here are the food we had there.

Cranky Salmon Roll

Spider Maki Roll

Tamago Sushi

Assorted Tempura

Unagi Pancake

We walked a bit and we went to MAC shop. We were playing with Ipad 2 and he finally get to play Angry Birds for the first time. 'lol' And now he intends to download the app to play. Oh dear, that is not good. I guess he will be addicted to it real soon. :)

Then it's tea time. Coffee with cinnamon roll. Yummy... After that we head off to the gym and did a little workout to burn off all those delicious meal we have been having.

Now, after a good workout, it's time to feed our hungry tummies again. I brought him to mamak store. Mamak is actually Indian-Malay restaurant that usually opens 24 hours. You can sit indoor or by the road side and most Malaysians love to hang out there to have their meals or just to go for a drink to catch up with their friends or to watch any live football matches or any other great sport matches.

We had garlic naan and tandoori chicken. He loves it very much.

And we had my favourite thosai. It's a thin lacey pancake made of lightly-fermented rice flour. Used to be really cheap and few years ago it cost only RM1 but today it cost RM2.

Our tummy were happily satisfied and what more could you ask for. Life is just so great. :)

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