Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Second day of sadness and I have plenty of visitors...

It's only the 2nd day not having him around. And I'm feeling really sad and missing him so dearly. Trying to stay strong but I realised that it's very difficult to do so. I guess I must keep myself busy doing all sorts of things trying not to think too much of being away from him. I'm still feeling a little unwell with all the unwelcoming friends visiting me named Flu and Sore Throat. And they brought another close friend of theirs Cough too. Trying to get rid of them but they seem to be quite stubborn just like me. I need Panadol to tell them off so that they will stay away from me. Hopefully Fever got lost on his way to visit me. But Aches definitely found his way to me. Alright, I guess I should stop with all these crap. Think I better go get some rest before Giddiness attacks me..

Having to leave a place I called Home

After 7 weeks of being with him, I finally have to leave. It's so hard to say goodbye and tears were just flowing down. I wish it was easier. It's kinda weird coz in actual fact I should be leaving to go back home but after staying there for 7 weeks, that place became my home and I was leaving home to go to another unfamiliar place to me which used to be home to me. It's confusing I know. But anyway, I'm now back and am feeling sick and sad. So it's not a good feeling both physically and emotionally. But I have to be strong and patient. I believe that day will come when I will get to be with him every single day. It's worth the wait as I love him very much.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dinner - Edward Moon

It's our final night at Stratford and I just felt that time flies when you were having great time. I can't believe how my holiday just flew by in a blink of an eye. I guess that's how we appreciate holiday so much.

We went to Edward Moon for dinner and the place is kinda cosy with dim lightings.

That's my cute boyfriend who is analysing how much percentage of alcohol in that Dandelion & Burdock. =)

We started off with Moons Welsh Rarebit. It taste kinda unique and it's my first time tasting this dish and was wondering what it was before I ordered it. =) But then later realised that it's something like cheese on toast.

We also had a starter that I couldn't remember the name of the dish. It's salad with black pudding and chorizo. The first time I ever had black pudding was at Northern Island and from then onwards I fell in love with the pudding. I guess you can sort of guess how much I love this dish. =)

Chargrilled Sirlion Steak With Peppercorn Sauce. A very tasty dish and the chips were cooked perfectly.

Again I can't remember what this dish is. If I'm not mistaken it's panfried chicken with tarragon and mushroom sauce served with new potatoes. I remembered it was nothing great but still a good dish.

It was a satisfying meal and I was so full after that. Had difficulty walking back to our room. 'lol' What a wonderful holiday and I am already missing Stratford very much.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Another beautiful day

Butterflies... I just love them as they are so pretty with different shades of colours that matches so well. It's pretty warm (just like the weather in my home country 'lol') in the Butterfly Farm and I enjoyed watching them.

Here is a picture of us taken in the farm.

We past by Shakespeare's Birthplace before heading off to have a delicious lunch which we didn't expect it to be so good.

Tadah... Doesn't this burger looks good. Unfortunately I couldn't remember what was the name of the place called. All I know is that this burger tasted so good that you definitely won't regret ordering it.

Both of our tummy were so happy after enjoying this gourmet burger. We do love our tummy very much. =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


After walking for hours, we decided to stop by at this cute, colourful little teashop. The colours of the pillows and the design of the shop makes you feel comfortable. There are various kinds of different teas and as usual with so many choices available, I will take forever to decide. I stood there staring at the board and wasn't sure which one to choose as most of the names sound interesting and I wanted to try all.

I couldn't remember what I ordered but it's some kind of berry tea which was a little bit too strong. There are also other options like coffee, hot chocolate and juice.

Then we went to Le Bistrot Pierre. We went online to check out the menu before deciding to dine there. And the first thing that sort of caught our attention was the Beef Burguignon platter for 2. It's Braised Scottish pasture-fed Beef in thick slices with shallots, red wine, mushrooms and bacon served with today's selection of potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Doesn't it sound good? Not only does it sounds good, it also looks good and taste absolutely delicious. It's my first time tasting such an amazing dish and I totally fell in love with it. The portion was just nice for 2. I think if we did order a starter it would have been a little too much.

I always feel very happy when I end my day with a good meal. That's how much I love my tummy. =)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

To be or not to be tough

Just a little break from posting about my holiday but just wanted to write about this before I forget about it.

My friend told me the other day that some people blame her for being a smart, independent and tough girl. She felt as though being such a girl is a sin and have no rights to demand anything from a guy and shouldn't be upset about it if the guy doesn't pamper us or show extra concern and care. This is because they know such girls are tough cookie and in some ways they do take them for granted. In fact guys usually tend to be really sweet towards girls who are incapable to take care of themselves.

I do wonder whether is it true. But unfortunately I do come across quite a number of people who behaved this way. Usually girls who are strong will get less love and care from their partner. I guess because these men felt that if they do show affectionate, they may get told of. Hehe... And probably after a while they felt that it's best not to even bother to show any care or concern and they can spend their time doing other things that they want to do. But honestly, is it not a good thing for a girl to show that they are a capable person??

Hmm, guess it will be a question that I may never be able to know the answer. Maybe it's best to act not so tough so that we get more love. Time to show that we are incapable in some ways. =)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Woke up early and had a yummy breakfast served at the place we were staying. Was good but not great and I still feel that the best brekkie I had was the Ulster Fry and my favourite wheaten bread I had in Northern Island. 'drooling' Definitely a place I would like to go back or stay.


We went to Warwick Castle after a scrumptious breakfast. It was a beautiful place and there were lots of things to see. Well, probably the pictures here would show how great this place is.

The highlight of the visit has got to be the Birds of Prey display. I had never see such cool birds. There are huge and their claws are long and sharp. Can imagine them ripping up their prey's flesh. 'ouch'

There is also the peacock garden. Look at how the male peacock trying to impress 3 female peacocks but unfortunately none of them seem to be interested in him. Poor thing.

It was definitely a place worth visiting. Words can't express how happy I was with him.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Surprise Holiday

On 21st February 2011, I went for a 4 days 3 nights holiday to Stratford-Upon-Avon. He planned this holiday and didn't want to tell me where we were going as he wanted to give me a little surprise. He is such a sweet loving guy and gave me a perfect holiday.

We stayed atStratford Upon Avon Bed and Breakfast. It's quite a lovely room though it can't be compared to the one we stayed at Northern Island. Can't remember what it was called. Thinking of that makes me crave for Ulster fry, soda bread, wheaten bread....'yummy'

We went for dinner at Bella Italia the first night and was really happy that I love every dish that I had. We started our meal with garlic dough sticks. These sticks were soft with full of garlicky taste and you just can't have enough.

Being such a fickle minded person, I always have difficulty deciding what to eat. One of the reasons is because I would like to try everything on the menu and also fear that I may order something disappointing. So I did take a while just deciding what to eat but I think I had improved a lot which means I don't spend as much time as I used to do. 'grin'

We had Carne Mista pizza which has all sorts of mixed meat, spicy pepperoni, italian salami, smoked ham and pancetta. Now how can you resist not liking this pizza.

We also had Pollo Alla Crema which is actually baked pasta. I find pasta that are being baked are much more tasty. This is probably because the sauce thickens up while it bakes which provides more flavour while the pasta absorbs all the flavourful sauce.

I had one of the most amazing night in my life and it was the first time we had dinner outside since we first met which was more than 3 months ago. I'm not complaining as I always prefer to cook for him instead. I really enjoy my time with him.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Clumsy Cutie

I was so clumsy that I broke his mug yesterday. Though he said that it's ok but I'm still feeling bad. The last round when I was here, I broke his coffee maker. And now I broke his mug. Oh well, I can be very clumsy at times.

But anyway, tonight I'm cooking something nice for him. Hopefully it turned out tasty otherwise he will have to go through difficult time finishing the dish. 'lol'

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

No Milan

Today is a beautiful sunny day but it's still a little cold. I was supposed to catch my flight at 8.15am to go to Milan but I decided that I don't want to go as I want to spend more time with him. It's worth it anyway.

I was a little tired when I woke up but anyway I managed to run for an hour even though my body was a little aching. Manage to convince my lazy body to exercise a little.

Anyway I decided to bake some cookies with limited utensils and ingredients. Luckily it still taste good. 'lol' I have to say it's a bit challenging to prepare those adorable cookies and I'm quite happy with the end results. It tasted really good. Can't wait to feed him with these cookies.

But I'm not sure what's wrong as I'm getting a very bad headache. I think it's been a while since I got such a bad one. Guess I just need a little rest. Oh well, time for a nice nap.

Happy Birthday to Myself

I dread waiting for my birthday to come as that means another year older for me. =( I just don't understand how time flew by so quickly.

Anyway, this year my birthday celebration is a little bit special as I celebrated it with someone special for the first time. He gave me another present (yeap, more pressie for me) and it's a cookbook. As he knew I love cooking, he decided to get me one so that I can try preparing these dishes for him to taste. Smart of him isnt' he. 'lol'

We didn't do much but I decided to cook lunch so that we can stay in. I usually prefer a quiet birthday celebration where I get to spend quality time with someone I love and cuddle up. =)

It wasn't really a birthday celebration coz it was a working day and what more there wasn't a cake there 'hint hint' Despite of all that, he actually planned out something special for me the week after that. He brought me for a wonderful holiday and that is probably the best gift I ever had coz I had so much good time being with him. I guess I shouldn't ask for too much.