Saturday, March 12, 2011

To be or not to be tough

Just a little break from posting about my holiday but just wanted to write about this before I forget about it.

My friend told me the other day that some people blame her for being a smart, independent and tough girl. She felt as though being such a girl is a sin and have no rights to demand anything from a guy and shouldn't be upset about it if the guy doesn't pamper us or show extra concern and care. This is because they know such girls are tough cookie and in some ways they do take them for granted. In fact guys usually tend to be really sweet towards girls who are incapable to take care of themselves.

I do wonder whether is it true. But unfortunately I do come across quite a number of people who behaved this way. Usually girls who are strong will get less love and care from their partner. I guess because these men felt that if they do show affectionate, they may get told of. Hehe... And probably after a while they felt that it's best not to even bother to show any care or concern and they can spend their time doing other things that they want to do. But honestly, is it not a good thing for a girl to show that they are a capable person??

Hmm, guess it will be a question that I may never be able to know the answer. Maybe it's best to act not so tough so that we get more love. Time to show that we are incapable in some ways. =)

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