Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday to Myself

I dread waiting for my birthday to come as that means another year older for me. =( I just don't understand how time flew by so quickly.

Anyway, this year my birthday celebration is a little bit special as I celebrated it with someone special for the first time. He gave me another present (yeap, more pressie for me) and it's a cookbook. As he knew I love cooking, he decided to get me one so that I can try preparing these dishes for him to taste. Smart of him isnt' he. 'lol'

We didn't do much but I decided to cook lunch so that we can stay in. I usually prefer a quiet birthday celebration where I get to spend quality time with someone I love and cuddle up. =)

It wasn't really a birthday celebration coz it was a working day and what more there wasn't a cake there 'hint hint' Despite of all that, he actually planned out something special for me the week after that. He brought me for a wonderful holiday and that is probably the best gift I ever had coz I had so much good time being with him. I guess I shouldn't ask for too much.

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