Thursday, August 25, 2011

5th August 2011

5th August - It's been nearly a week since he came. Time just flew by really quickly. Before I knew it, it's already Friday. I had a meeting in the office so I left him at 1 Utama in the morning and went to office. Later about 12.30pm, I went to pick him up to have lunch. He was so looking forward to this lunch as I had been talking about how great the Ribs were in Tony Romas though the ribs in Singapore are way much better as pork ribs are served there. We only have beef ribs over here due to the Muslims. Next time I'm going to try and make my own ribs. I have always been tempted to try it out but I didn't have the chance yet.

We ordered the Roma Ribs which is a plateful of big, meaty beef ribs basted with their own sauce. Since we were dining on a weekday lunch, it comes with a cup of soup and a bottomless drink.

One of the best thing about Romas is that they serve you freshly baked bread that comes together with their garlic herb butter spread which taste really good.

I can't really recall what the soup was. I think it was Minestrone soup. Anyway, he barely touched it while I had most of it. Guess he didn't fancy the soup.

Here comes the best part of the meal. The ribs!!! I remembered I was on the phone when the dish came, and by the time I put down the phone he had nearly finished 2 out of 3 racks of the ribs. 'lol' But I didn't eat much as I was drinking a lot. So I was quite full before my main course was served. The ribs were really good as it was so tender that the meat kinda fall off from the bone. But I think I had better whereby the meat is even more tender and pork ribs are still the better ribs.

We were stuffed at the end of the meal. It's always nice to be able to share and not feel overly stuffed after a meal.

After that, we did a little shopping at Tesco to buy the things that he needed to bring home and also some snacks for our road trip. After that, we went back to rest and guess what we had for dinner. It's tandoori chicken with garlic naan again. He just love it so much. He had this dish for 3 times in just 5 days. :) Oh, not forgetting that we had thosai as well. How can I ever say no to thosai. And I just had one this afternoon as well. Yummy... 'smile cheekily'

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