Tuesday, August 16, 2011

1st August 2011

1st August - I went to bed last night feeling happy as he was beside me and he was the last person I saw before I go to bed. And when I woke up in the morning, he was the first person I see and I love the morning kisses that I get from him.

We woke up pretty early and lay on bed looking at each other's eyes, spending quality time together, talking about anything under the sky. It was indeed amazing and I just wish that I could be doing that with him every single morning.

Then I went to the kitchen and made him breakfast which is something I enjoyed doing most for him. I prepared coffee and half boiled eggs. It's supposedly soft boiled eggs but I don't know why Malaysians were brought up to call it half boiled eggs. :) He actually kinda like the taste though he is not sure about the texture. I remembered the first time I made that for myself and asked him to try, he didn't want to as he felt it was too raw. This time round he didn't reject it. Looks like he is more adventurous about food.

After that, we went to Batu Caves which is a limestone hill which has a series of caves about 30 minutes drive from my place. The cave is one of the most popular Hindu shrines outside India and is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam.

There are 272 step stairway leading up the Temple Cave and it was my first visit to this Cave.

After that we went to have lunch at MCD. We ordered just a quarter pounder set and shared between both of us. I told him that the MCD in Malaysia taste much better than the UK. He was convinced mainly because he believes that it is prepared fresher in Malaysia as it's made to order. Later we were wondering what to do before deciding to go for a movie to watch Transformers 3. It was my third time watching it and I still love it. This time is even better because it's the first movie we ever watched together. :) By the time we finished the movie it was nearly 5pm. We then went to mamak and had teh halia. He had a mixed opinion on the drink as he doesn't like his tea with milk and sugar but he likes the ginger taste. Hehe... My boyfriend is unique in his taste. 'lol' We then still had some time to kill and walked in the night market at SS2 before heading off for dinner at Restaurant Green View together with my family. I wanted to buy so much food at the night market but then we were going for dinner so I had to behave myself.

And here are the food we had for the night. I was totally stuffed by the end of the meal. Well, I guess he did enjoy his meal too. And I love it when we got home coz I know I will be going to bed with him next to me and us saying "goodnight" to each other before we sleep. This is life to me.

Fried beancurd and Century Egg

Sang Har Mee - Big Prawn Noodle with Yee Mee

Stir fried long beans

Steamed Salted Chicken

Butter Crab

Sweet and Sour crab

Fried Bun

Alan using the hammer to break the crab shell

Wat Tan Hor - Kuey Teow Noodle cooked with egg gravy

Mixed Fruits

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