Friday, August 19, 2011

3rd August 2011

3rd August - I brought him to have DimSum for breakfast. Dim Sum is actually Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food, usually served in small steamer baskets or on small plate. It's my favourite and usually one can easily overeat.

Had siew mai which is minced meat wrapped with dumpling skin, and fried and steamed fish ball. You can dip these in chili sauce or sweet sauce.

We also had the char siew pau which is actually BBQ Pork Bun. He loves this very much.

Looks like someone really enjoys using chopsticks.

And this was me looking happy coz he was around.

Then I bought him a packet of freshly made soya bean drink from the morning market to try. Unfortunately the stall that I wanted to buy from had none left but I managed to get it from another stall. This is a drink which is usually great to have after sports as it's high in protein and it quenches your thirst as well and fills your tummy as well.

We then went to 1 Utama and watched Harry Potter. I quite like it and I'm so glad that the story finally ended. It's so much fun to be watching movie with him. Since we have been together we had never watch any movie in the cinema till he came to Malaysia. And within 3 days we watched movie together twice already. I'm loving it. :) After that it was time to feed our hungry tummies. I bought 2 Thai buffet vouchers earlier before he came since I knew he like it a lot. But so far I only knew that he really fancy green curry and nothing else. 'lol' I had never try this place but I read some pretty good reviews about it.

The place is quite cosy and nice with lots of pretty decorative. All you have to do is order what you want from the menu and they will serve them to your table. This type of buffet is suitable for the lazy ones as you are being served. And we had loads of good food for the night. It seems a lot but we weren't overly stuffed.

Green curry chicken - His favourite curry dish. Tasty and goes so well with the fried rice.

Beef stir fried Thai Basil - I felt the beef was a bit tough but after a few more bites I felt it was ok. He loves it and he finished nearly the whole plate to himself.

Deep Fried Chicken Wrapped With Pandan Leaves - Tasty dish but I had better ones before.

Green Mango and Prawn Salad with Spicy Lime Dressing- My favourite salad. Light and refreshing and the prawns were really fresh as well.

Crispy Crabmeat Spring Roll- We only ordered one of these and it's the last dish we ordered as we saw the table next to us were ordering this dish continuously and I thought of trying it. It's very light and tasty unlike the usual thick spring roll we usually have. It's the first time I have it with the apricot dip and it goes so well with it.

Tom Yum Soup- A clear spicy soup.

Thai Omelette with Crabmeat and Herbs - Eggs just taste so good no matter how you cook it. It's just how to make a better egg dish and all I can say is that this dish is absolutely delicious.

Fresh Waterchestnut, Coconut and Jackfruit Slices in Coconut Milk. An absolutely refreshing dessert. Yummy...

Thai Mango Sticky Rice - my absolutely favourite.. I love how refreshing and sweet the mango is and the sweetness in glutinous rice goes really well. But not something I can have too much. It's too filling. And he loves mangoes and it's a great dessert for him.

Doesn't he look like he was enjoying his food? :)

I love my life. I love it not because I had great food. But because I have him and I have him to enjoy these great food with. I never knew these food taste so good. It probably is because I enjoy my meals more when I have it with him.

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