Thursday, September 22, 2011

9th August 2011

9th August - It's the 3rd day in Penang and I'm just loving it so much. Just hanging around in the beautiful hotel, sitting by the pool, enjoying the beautiful beach and just lazing around doing nothing with my other half is just what I call a holiday.

We had breakfast in bed again and went to the pool to swim. We did walked by the beach. I just love holidays with nice beaches. It's just so relaxing and I can't wait to go to beaches in the Europe country. Or maybe in future if there is a chance I want to go to Mauritius or Maldives. *hint hint* :)

And we got back to the room and watched a movie, Hatchiko, A Dog's Story, and that made me cry. Oh, just don't enjoy crying in front of him but he said that I cry easily. But it was truly a touching story and it's just amazing how loyal a dog could be. I think I picked a rubbish movie after that. It was something to do with the Penguins from Madasgascar. Well, I like Mort and it is just hilarious seeing how silly he is and how annoying and cute he can be at the same time. At least this wasn't as bad as the movie he picked which I couldn't even remember the name. I remembered him finishing up the movie while I fell asleep during the first 10 mins of the movie. 'lol' Yes, that was how boring it was. It was the kid who went into the jungle and met some weird big hairy bear looking friends. :)

Then it was dinner time. We went for dinner at the Starville Restaurant. Since it's Ramadhan month, they have the Ramadhan Buka Puasa buffet dinner. I didn't take any pictures as we were just excited about eating only. The food weren't that great but it was a great opportunity for him to taste a lot of the local cuisine food. I was kinda disappointed as I was expecting a lot more for the Malay local dessert especially the kuih talam. But they didn't have it unfortunately. :(

We were definitely stuffed after that. Somehow buffet is never a good idea and we tend to overeat easily. I was having difficulty walking as well. We did walked a bit around the hotel and took some pictures.

And finally we went back up to the room and spent our last night in this hotel together. The only thing I didn't like about this hotel was the staff which I find weren't too friendly. But other than that, everything was great. I'm already missing being in Penang with him very much.

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