Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11th August 2011

11th Aug - Woke up early in the morning to have breakfast in the hotel. There were quite a variety of local breakfast like fried noodles and nasi lemak. Nothing exceptional but good enough. After that, it's time to explore around Melaka.

We didn't take many pictures. I think we just got lazier towards the end of the holiday. Hehe... Well, here are some pictures to share.

After walking for about few hours, it's time to have lunch. I brought him to this famous place that serves Chicken Rice Balls. This dish is popular in Melaka. It's an interesting concept but I still prefer my normal chicken rice.

Then it's dessert time. Yummy... We had the famous Cendol at Jonker 88. It was nice but I felt that the gula melaka was a bit too thick and sweet. I think it's the Melaka style of making cendol. Both of us felt that the one we had in Penang tasted much better.

After all that, we walked back to our hotel. Only then I realised that I got tan lines. Well, kinda expected as we started our journey from 10am and only got back to the hotel about 4pm. We were under the sun most of the time. We were so tired after all the walking and had a nap before heading out for dinner. We had the same thing for dinner which was tandoori and naan. Yummy. But this time we ordered too much and I was stuffed and felt so uncomfortable after the meal. I was kinda full by the time we finish our meal but we thought we would be missing this place dearly since we won't be coming here again for probably another few more years. So we ordered another naan. By the time the food came, my brain told me that I was full and I should stopped but I had at least another 1/3 of it. That's a bad decision. I had difficulty walking back to our hotel after that. And no dessert for that night as I couldn't put anymore in my tummy. :(

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