Monday, January 23, 2012

12th - 14th August 2011

12th-14th August - We left Melaka and went back to KL to stay for a night before flying off to Brunei the next day.

On that day, we arrived back to KL after lunch time. We had a rest and then we went out for a nice meal at Chilis. We ordered a fajitas. It was so delicious and it was enough for the 2 of us. I think after getting to know me, he had changed the amount he eat which is good as I feel that we tend to overeat very often. But feeling a little munchy, we ordered a basket of fries to end our meal.

The next day, we went to mamak for breakfast before heading to the airport to leave for Brunei. I was getting a little bit sad as I know that he is leaving back to UK after a night stay in Brunei. But I was trying to control my emotions a lot.

We didn't do anything in Brunei. We stayed in the hotel and only went out for dinner. We had some kind of italian buffet which was quite good. I ate too much and I remembered that I wasn't feeling very good after the meal.

Then the next day came and I know it's time to say goodbye. My flight back to KL was about 4pm while his flight back to UK was about 8pm. In the morning, we hung out at Coffee bean till noon, had our lunch at the food court, and left to airport. At the airport, it was just so hard to say goodbye again as I had such a wonderful 2 weeks with him. It was truly a great holiday. Can't wait for the next one again. :)

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