Wednesday, July 27, 2011

4 days to go

Just another 4 more days to go and I will get to see him. I have been away from him for 4 months and have not chat with him for nearly 3 weeks. It's hard but then I received letters from him which really brightens up my day and it makes me so happy. Nothing is better than receiving love letters from someone you love and care about.

I'm really excited for his arrival but I know the 2 weeks will pass by really quickly. Can't wait to finally have him by my side. Waiting and waiting and waiting.

And what did I do during these period of waiting for him. I finished my Prison Break last season. Finally.. I love the plot of the last season and it was really nice but the ending was a little sad. Anyway, overall it was a good series.

I'm so happy now. Just going to read the letters again. Can't get enough of it. :)

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