Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29 - Leap Year

February 29. I think to most people it's just another day and no one would look at today twice and think about how special the day is. I think it's the first time whereby I really looked into February 29 differently. Every year, I'm just like most people wouldn't even feel that the day is anything special but this year I was really excited about it and wished that I'm celebrating today with my other half.

One of the reasons why I decided to visit Ireland was because of the movie Leap Year. I fell in love with Ireland after watching the movie and decided that it will be a place for me to visit. And that's how I got to meet Alan. Ever since then, I felt that Leap Year is something special to me. Afterall, it only comes once every 4 years. In fact one should treasure it as that could also mean that we get extra 24 hours this year. Isn't life is so great! I guess all these little things makes one love life a lot more. And I definitely love my life a lot more every since I met Alan.

There is also this Irish tradition whereby the women are allowed to propose to the guy that they love on February 29. I remembered Alan got asked whether I would propose to him today if he hadn't propose to me yet. 'lol' I felt that I probably wouldn't but I probably would be wondering all these time why he hadn't propose to me and maybe might force him into proposing to me before February 29. Yeah, I do sound a little desperate. But then again, it's hard to be in a long distance relationship. I can't wait to be with him every single day.

Anyway, as I love today so much, I think I might do a little something special for Alan. Haven't figured out yet but I think I will get it sorted by the end of the day. So hope everyone have a great February 29.

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